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Tax news

Exchange of tax relevant information between Switzerland and the United States, also automatic as per FATCA Model 1

March 2024 – Download File

Canton Ticino: general revision (for tax purposes) of property valuations in 2025: tax consequences for property owners?

November 2023 – Download File

Proposed legislation for a Swiss federal register of entities and their beneficial owners

October 2023 – Download File

New VAT rates as from 1st January 2024

September 2023 Download File

Canton Ticino tax reform – press release 13th July 2023

July 2023 – Download File

Update regarding Swiss tax law: the Swiss spouses and family tax reform

March 2023 – Download File

Location Switzerland and Canton Ticino

Relocation to Switzerland, Canton Ticino for EU/EFTA citizens

March 2024 – Download File

Relocation to Switzerland, Canton Ticino for non-EU/EFTA citizens

March 2024 – Download File

Exaustive summary relocation to Switzerland and Ticino

March 2024 – Download File

Legal and fiscal aspects of setting up business in Canton Ticino

March 2024 – Download File

Swiss domicile permits C: new language skills requirements

October 2023 – Download File


Voluntary (fiscal) disclosure of owned properties in UE member states and financial assets held in the USA

March 2024 – Download File

Succession planning: the exposure to US federal estate tax for Swiss tax resident individuals (non-residents, not citizens of the United States)

November 2022 – Download File

Swiss cantonal inheritance and donation taxes: tax risks in the case of transversals donations in the division of an estate

October 2022 – Download File

Works of art held by Swiss Collectors: some important fiscal aspects

September 2022 – Download File

Swiss properties: possible consequences when leaving Switzerland

April 2022 – Download File

Italian dividend whitholding tax exemption on outbound dividends to Swiss tax resident parent company

March 2022 – Download File

Traps of the remuneration of the employee/director having an interest as shareholder in the same company: salary vs dividend

March 2022 – Download file

Swiss properties owned by foreigners, not tax resident in Switzerland: directive on the use of holiday properties

March 2022 – Download File

The EU Succession Regulation: does it matter for EU citizens resident in Ticino/ Switzerland?

March 2022 – Download File

Reform of the Swiss succession law: in line with the modern family and business succession needs

March 2022 – Download File

Executive summary on acquisition and use of real estate properties

March 2022 – Download File