Legal entities

Resident in Switzerland

  • Establishment of companies
    Fiscal advice on establishment of company in order to conduct a business
  • Establishment of holding companies
    Establishment and administration of Swiss corporate vehicles for financial instruments, participations, intellectual property (copyright, patents and trademarks)
  • Tax declarations and additional services
    Predisposition of annual tax return for businesses, taxation at source, VAT and salaries
  • Corporate succession
    Generational changeover and succession planning of the family business
  • Relocation abroad
    Examination of the tax consequences for Swiss companies (and their shareholders) as a result of company migration abroad or the migration of management and control
  • Tax litigation
    Assistance in tax litigation and representation before tax authorities
  • Due diligence
    Due diligence reports, tax advice and tax estimates in connection with the purchase and sale of participations in Swiss companies
  • International taxation
    International tax advice and application of conventional tax benefits

Resident abroad

  • Relocation to Switzerland
    Advice on establishment of foreign companies in Switzerland through branches, subsidiaries or agencies, and subsequent administrative assistance in tax, legal and accounting matters
  • Establishment of companies
    Advice on establishment of Swiss corporate vehicles for intellectual property, shareholdings or business activities, and examination of the appropriate legal form
  • Investments and divestments in Switzerland
    Tax and legal advice to foreign companies for investments or disinvestments in Switzerland
  • Due diligence
    Tax due diligence in connection with the purchase and sale of Swiss shareholdings