Mission & Objectives

Customer-tailored solutions in a Swiss and global environment

We are committed to delivering client-focused solutions with high added value for corporate and individual clients resident in Switzerland or outside of Switzerland and operating in a Swiss cross-border environment. 

Network of highly qualified external partners in Switzerland and worldwide

We offer a wide range of advisory services and support activities through a network of highly qualified, reliable and well-known external advisors and partners worldwide. Clients are able to rely on Steimle & Partners Consulting Sagl as a global contractor, supervising and monitoring their assignment while working with partners based both in Switzerland and in the most important business and financial centres around the world.

Predetermined and transparent fees

If required, we can provide an estimate of professional fees, including those of third party professionals, to enable clients to budget accordingly. We believe our fees are competitive and we take pride in providing good value to clients.

The long-standing relationships established by Steimle & Partners Consulting Sagl, enable clients to benefit from special and competitive fees with other professionals.

Our competitive Edge

A prompt and fast delivery of our professional expertise means less time spent in achieving results for any single assignment, thereby  increasing our client’s competitive edge.