Swiss Tax Advice and Planning

From around 2000, Swiss and International tax issues have become more complex, with reforms and new international standards for fiscal transparency and exchange of information between countries.

The need to rely on the expertise of qualified tax advisors has become even more important to find the best tax compliant solution - for all taxpayers, whether individuals or companies.

We offer our tax services to Swiss tax resident individuals and corporate clients (also to self-employed residents) as well as to foreign individuals and businesses wishing to invest or relocate their fiscal residency or part of their business to and from Switzerland.

Tax services for individuals / self-employed

Relocation to Switzerland
Tax and legal advice and collateral services for foreign individuals wishing to relocate to Switzerland.

Lump sum taxation
Advice on and analysis of lump sum taxation system in the field of relocation planning, negotiation with Tax Authorities to obtain individual tax ruling.

Relocating within Switzerland or abroad
Tax and legal advice and planning for Swiss tax resident individuals wishing to relocate to Canton Ticino or from Canton Ticino to other Cantons or abroad.

Swiss personal tax
Recurring tax compliance services in assisting and advising in all Swiss personal tax matters, including national and international tax optimization of foreign source income and wealth.

Fiscal amnesty and voluntary disclosure
Assistance and consultancy for fiscal amnesty / voluntary disclosure procedures.

Real estate and movable assets
Providing specific advice for investments, disinvestments in real estate properties and / or movable assets.

Foreigners with properties in Switzerland
Recurring Swiss tax compliance services for foreigners having properties in Switzerland.

Estate and inheritance planning
Consultancy, fiscal and legal advice in the field of estate and inheritance planning.

Due diligence
Fiscal due diligence reports, providing opinions and feasibility studies.

Trusts, foundations and associations
Tax advice and, if necessary, negotiation with the Tax Administration and setting up of special purpose vehicles, such as trusts, foundations and associations.

Intangible assets
Optimal structuring of intangible assets and design of their exploitation.

Planes and yachts
Advice focused on acquisition / ownership of pleasure yachts and private airplanes.

Tax controversies
Assistance in tax controversies and legal representation.

Tax services for businesses and companies

Relocating to Switzerland
Tax and legal advice to foreign companies wishing to relocate their legal seat or part of their business to Switzerland.

Forming a company in Switzerland
Tax advice / planning when forming a company in Switzerland and advice on the best legal form.

Swiss tax compliance services
Recurring corporate tax compliance services such as preparing and filing tax returns considering, whenever possible, fiscal optimization. Assistance in relation to all Swiss fiscal matters.

Tax rulings
Negotiation of tax rulings with the Swiss Tax Authorities.

Corporate tax planning
Corporate tax planning, national and international, with due consideration to double tax treaties, EU legislation, anti-avoidance measures and jurisprudence.

Due diligence
Fiscal due diligence reports, providing opinions and feasibility studies.

Corporate restructuring
Advice on corporate restructuring, involving also foreign companies and advice on acquisition / sale of equity participations.

Investing and disinvesting
Tax and legal advice to foreign companies when wishing to invest or divest in Switzerland.

Corporate succession
Planning and assisting corporate succession of privately owned companies.

Moving abroad
Advice on tax consequences for Swiss companies (and their shareholders) wishing to liquidate or move their legal seat and decision centre abroad.

Tax disputes
Assistance in tax disputes and legal representation.